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Hey my name is Candace!

I was formerly an Alcohol & Drug Counselor with a Bachelors in Social Work and believed this would remain my path and I had no intentions of becoming a Personal Trainer or Nutrition Coach. I have struggled with weight loss since my college days, even more so struggled with loving myself exactly where I was and not trying to get to the perfect weight. So you will be working with a coach that has struggled also. With life, I am married with 3 children and I don’t have all day to spend working out at home or in the gym.  I have tried “ALL” the programs out there. Some worked and some didn’t…..that’s the thing, many of these programs work, but I didn’t give them the time to work. Being impatient and wanting results right away got the best of me each and every time. "Consistency is key.....stick with it. It will take longer than you want.  I wanted the quick and easy way.  I was not patient enough to work through many of these programs. It was not until I found a coach to help me through developing a healthier outlook with food, recognizing it will take longer than I wanted, looking beyond the scale, looking at my relationship with food, and how much I looked to food to cope with so many things.

I am going to introduce you to workouts that are enjoyable and exciting! We will work together to create exciting meals you want to eat; you enjoy, and are healthy that fuel your body. And even more so, we will focus on SelfLove. Loving yourself exactly where you are right now, not where you want to be!




Nutrition Coaching

I am here to help you set up your plate, with a focus on whole foods. I coach from a perspective of Intuitive eating. Let’s focus on the foods you love and enjoy eating, while also enjoying life.


Personal Training

As a trainer, I will challenge you, push you, encourage you, and motivate you all at the same time! What are your goals? Toning, building lean muscle mass? Getting stronger? Shredding fat? Let’s Go!  Time to get this work in, so you can crush your goals. In person or virtual training available.


Client Testimonials


Candace has not only helped me with my nutrition but she has helped me to truly change my mindset.  Losing weight isn’t just about being ready to workout and eat right, but you have to be mentally ready for the change.  I stopped focusing on the numbers on the scale and focused more on why I love my body.  I focused on my little cards that I wrote to myself to give me the motivation.  I appreciate Candace for recognizing that you must focus on self love before the outer.


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